3D2N Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands cover a large region in central Malaysia around 5,000ft above sea level. Because of the altitude, the climate is significantly cooler than the rest of Malaysia and feels more like a pleasantly hot British day. An extremely beautiful place with a really different feel from the hustle and bustle of city life. As it is so cool it is ideal for cultivation of tea and growing fruits and vegetables and currently over 70% of Malaysia's fruit and vegetables are grown here.

The area has also retained a lot of the colonial influence and the rolling green hills look like something from a British tourism advert and all of the tudor style hotels and guest houses have signs outside proclaiming home made scones with strawberry jam and afternoon tea.

While up there you will get to visit the Boh Tea Plantation, which this place is famous for and you will find absolutely fascinating and amazing seeing the whole process from the leaves being plucked, pounded, dried, crushed and packeted. You would not believe what your morning cuppa goes through or that if you use teabags then you've basically got the 'dust' that was too small to be used for 'real' tea.

After the tour of the plantation, go to the tea shop and the cafe which jut out spectacularly over the hillside and order a pot of Gold Blend and chill out for an utterly serene hour with tea and shortbread. You wouldn't want to leave this place!

Aside from the Britishness of the area, elsewhere in Malaysia everything seems rushed and a little manic. Here however, everybody is more laid back and the pace of life seems slower and more enjoyable. This is a place for you to chill out and to while away your time taking lazy walks along the many jungle trails or to catch up with reading your favourite novels.



Make your own arrangement to Cameron Highland. Check in to the resort after 2pm.

Free at own leisure for the rest of the day where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

After breakfast, we proceed to a countryside tour with visit to the Rose Garden, a lovely garden centre on a hillside. After that we proceed to a local strawberry farm with the vast greenhouses that produce them. Have a freshly blended strawberry milkshake here.

Then to a honey bee farm where you walk through the gardens where the hives are, be very careful not to disturb any of the bees. Next, visit Market Square, Buddhist Temple, Rose Garden, Cactus Valley and vegetable farms.

Finally we arrive at the highlight of the day - the Boh tea plantation. Boh is the largest black tea producer in Malaysia and the plantation in the Cameron Highlands is the biggest in the country. Have a brief tour in which to learn how the tea is picked, cut, dried, sorted and graded.

Rest of the day free at own leisure where you can explore the hill resort.

Note: All entrance fees on your own.


After breakfast, check out of the resort.


Price from : MYR 300


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